Tuesday, November 28, 2006


SpiritWorld.info has moved to HealingMindN.com

Thanks for all your patience and understanding. I am working in a new PC, a new operating system, a new domain, new email, and everything else that goes with the pain of moving.

You will notice that healingmindn.com and bioenergeticspectrum.com are both the same site. The web host that I am using now is far more advanced. I now receive my mail through this webhost rather than having it redirected through my ISP.

As far as spiritworld.info it was another stepping stone just as 777-health.net was years ago (777 Health might still be alive - I'm not sure.) There has been a paradigm shift wherein all the relevance to anything spiritual has been split into http://good.healingmindn.com and http://evil.healingmindn.com.

The rest of the content has been distributed into bioenergeticspectrum.com because the shift was towards that of esoteric science.

I will tell you what is happening in more detail in the next post.



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