Wednesday, February 27, 2008


New Blog: Healing MindN Power Circle

I've been setting up a blog at my own site, courtesy of 1 and 1 which provides the world famous WordPress blogger. From now on, with a few exceptions for syndications, all of my posts for will be at by the title, Healing MindN Power Circle.

Healing MindN Power Circle provides all the same features as Google's blogspot which has been great, but I want to give anyone and everyone a chance to comment on the works passing through without the hassle of registering. I also have this blog divided into sections, so you can express your opinion in any particular arena.

In fact, I'm following the same model as most of the blogs out there like the mindhacks blog linked from the Silva newsletter. But I'm not being a copycat. As you will see, I am developing this blog with my own flair.

I have a newsletter, Way of the Mind Gate, where I've been sending the full articles by email to my subscribers. From now on, I'll just send excerpts and summaries from these articles and post the full articles at Healing MindN Power Circle, so you can go there and have your say about any particular article.

Your patronage and support towards a world of HealingMindNs is much appreciated. Please visit and extent the power of your healing mind.


Randolph Directo

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sleep (by freud)

When sleeping together, we share rhythms that allow us to entrain each other. Rhythms intertwine. We share energy patterns and create new ones through a sympathetic holographic matrix. Thoughts, feelings and intentions intertwine. Dreams intertwine. Two hearts beat as one.

When I first heard "sleep" by f.r.e.u.d., I knew that was the most beautiful love song I ever heard (besides "The River"); it tells us everything, emotionally, that I speak of, intellectually. So, I decided to put together a video* to go with the song as a tribute my Valentine, Louise.

I hope I did the song justice. What you see in this video is what I see between two people in resonance: Two equal yet opposite cosmic energy streams flowing into each other creating their own set of sympathetic harmonics. This is from my mind's eye. I hope you enjoy it.

*Edited using Cinelerra

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