Wednesday, March 28, 2007


कोन्सेर्वे मजेस्तिक वोल्वेस

Stop wolves from being taken off the Endangered Species List!

Take Action!

The grey wolf population in the Northern Rockies only recently recovered.

Now, wolf populations could fall 80% because of this nonsensical de-listing.

Today, one of Mother Earth's most majestic animals needs your help. If we don't stop the de-listing of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, populations could decrease 80%, making the decades-long efforts to strengthen wolf populations in vain.

Tell the Fish & Wildlife Service that you're outraged by their proposal to remove wolves in the Rockies from federal protections under the Endangered Species Act >>

De-listing of an animal can work if the states are prepared with effective programs to keep populations healthy. But these states do not have wolf-friendly programs in place. In January, Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter said that once the wolves are de-listed, his state would kill all but 100 of the wolves.

If these critical protections are eliminated, the recently recovered gray wolf population in this area will be at the mercy of state governments that are determined to resume widespread wolf killing.

We have spent a lot of time and money to reinvigorate the populations of these beautiful animals, and we can not stand by while these states decrease them but 80% once more.

The public comment period ends May 9, so we must act now! Customizing your signature with a comment will make it even more effective.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Only Evil People Want Seal Skin for Anything

In just a few days, seal pups will be shot or bludgeoned to death on Canadian ice, as part of the largest commercial hunt of marine mammals on the planet. The Canadian government will authorize hunters to kill hundreds of thousands of seals this year - 95% of which are between two weeks and three months old.

>> Make a donation to help end the hunt

Stopping the hunt this year is especially important because thin ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has broken up, resulting in the deaths of many of this year's newborn seals. To allow the fishermen to kill even more would be tragic.

More than 13,000 of our WaveMakers have contacted Prime Minister Harper demanding an end to the commercial hunt of seals. But clearly the Prime Minister still doesn't get the message, because the hunt is still slated to begin on March 29. So we're doubling our efforts to get even more letters sent to his office - send yours now!

The Canadian government claims that the seals are hunted because they are eating all the fish, when the truth is the seals are hunted for a frivolous demand of their pelts.

Many people out there still don't know this hunt is taking place. We need to get the word out by promoting this issue as widely as possible, including on other websites. But this space doesn't come free. Can you make an emergency $50 donation to help protect the seals?

Widespread public opposition led to the 1987 ban on hunting whitecoat seals. If enough people express their outrage to the Canadian government, we can outlaw the commercial hunting of all seals. We need your support to mobilize the masses. Please donate today.

Photo of Elizabeth Griffin For the oceans,
Elizabeth Griffin
Marine Wildlife Scientist

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Please Focus on Peace - Not War

Last Friday's vote in the House was a small step toward ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq. While the supplemental war appropriations bill passed by the House was disappointingly weak - it didn't include language to prevent an attack on Iran and included a year and a half timeline for withdrawal with enough loopholes to drive about 60,000 U.S. troops through - it did mark the first time that a majority of the House voted to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by a specific date.

Now the Senate is considering its version of the 2007 supplemental war appropriations bill and time is running out to include a shorter timeline for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and assurances that Bush can't attack Iran without specific Congressional authorization into the final bill. Call your Senators NOW and tell them to include these important provisions in the 2007 supplemental war appropriations bill.

Call on your Senators to bring our troops home in 2007 and to support the Webb Amendment to prohibit the use of funds for military operations in Iran. The Senate is currently set to stop adding amendments at 2:30pm TODAY, so call NOW to support adding the Webb amendment to the 2007 Senate supplemental war appropriations bill.


Kevin M. Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action Education Fund

P.S. Without the constant pressure that Peace Action members and other members of the peace movement put on the House, a timeline for withdrawal (no matter how bad) would never have been passed by the House - keep the pressure up on the Senate. It's a long journey, but our pressure is starting to bring the end nearer. Click here now for tips on calling your Senator.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Let's Fix Them, NOT Kill Them

Have you noticed that there are far less stray feral cats and, perhaps, less of your neighbor's cats in the neighborhood? Some brilliant bastard in your local government decided to spend your hard earned tax dollars on resources to collect these cats - maybe even YOUR lost cat. Guess what's been happening to them?

In the U.S., more cats are intentionally killed than die of any other documented cause.

Say No to the killing of feral cats.

Take Action!

There is a better way to manage feral cat colonies

Stop the killing of cats today and promote the TNR method!

Feral cats are born outdoors and have not been socialized. Uncomfortable around humans, they will never be comfortable living in human homes. They make homes in colonies wherever they can find food, be it in alleys or under a boardwalk. On their own without human intervention, breeding is not controlled, and their numbers steadily increase.

Feral cat colonies need to be controlled, but needlessly killing cats is not the answer.

Feral cats are killed daily in animal control facilities because they are unadoptable and animal control officers aren't aware there is a better way.

In reality, the system only provides space for more cats to move in and start the breeding process again. Killing cats is not the answer! Sign this petition today >>

Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR, is the most effective and humane way to manage feral cat colonies. It is a full management plan in which stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated and sterilized by veterinarians.

Kittens and socialized cats are adopted into good homes, and adult feral cats are returned to their familiar habitat where they can live healthy lives under the lifelong care of volunteers.

Sign this petition to make it clear that you want the killing of feral cats to stop!

Thank you,

Robyn E.
Care2 and
ThePetitionSite Team

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Verge of Extinction: Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil, a rare carnivorous marsupial found only on Australia's southern island state of Tasmania, faces extinction in 10 to 20 years without a cure for the facial cancer now decimating the population. With half the population now wiped out, leaving less than 75,000 devils, Professor Hamish McCallum at the University of Tasmania is battling to establish offshore colonies of healthy devils. "We might be looking at a 10-15 year cap down to extinction," McCallum told Reuters in an interview. Nobody knows how many of the rapidly diminishing devils are left, but McCallum says the minimum would be 20,000.

Reuters, CNN

Grotesque sight

The devils usually have a life expectancy of about five years, but it is now unusual to see an animal over the age of three. Researchers estimate the wild population has fallen from 140,000 in the 1990s to 80,000.

Tasmanian devil with DFTD, AP
The lesions are grotesque and deadly to the devils
A severely diseased devil is a grotesque sight: large tumours protrude from the face and neck, sometimes pushing out teeth and invading eye sockets.

As the tumours interfere with feeding, the animals become emaciated and usually die within six months of showing lesions.

But while many scientists had suspected a virus, Anne-Marie Pearse, a researcher for the state of Tasmania who co-wrote the article in Nature, found abnormalities in the chromosomes of the cancer cells were the same in every tumor.

Pearse and her colleague Kate Swift discovered that, while the normal complement of chromosomes in the devil is 14, the tumours contained 13, which were grossly abnormal. These chromosomal rearrangements were identical in tumours from all 11 animals studied by the scientists.

Single source

This offers support for the idea that the disease apparently began with a single sick devil, probably in the mid-1990s, that directly spread the cancer cells by biting other animals. The authors propose that cancer cells are dislodged from one animal and essentially transplanted to another as a result of bites inflicted around the mouth.

"Devils jaw wrestle and bite each other a lot, usually in the face and around the mouth, and bits of tumor break off one devil and stick in the wounds of another," said Ms Pearse.

"We've found out how the disease is transmitted, which is a breakthrough in how we manage the wildlife population.

She added: "Finding a vaccine would be the ultimate goal."

The only other such cancer has occurred in dogs but, unlike the devils' disease, it could be overcome by the canine immune system.

The authors suggest that close kinship and low genetic diversity among Tasmanian devils reduces their immune response to transplanted cancer cells, making it more likely that they will take hold.

University of Tasmania pathologist Professor Conrad Muller, who specialises in cancer and immunology research, said it was too early to tell what the ramifications of the discovery would be.

"It certainly will attract a lot of interest because the devils have been dying out across the state," Professor Muller said.

"If the tumors are all common, then one potential approach would be some sort of vaccine therapy."

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Human Behaviour drives Conservation

Recent studies of vegetation patterns, based on detailed satellite images and on-the-ground inventories of trees, have found that the African nation, Niger, a place of persistent hunger and deprivation, has recently added millions of new trees and is now far greener than it was 30 years ago. These gains, moreover, have come at a time when the population of Niger has exploded, confounding the conventional wisdom that population growth leads to the loss of trees and accelerates land degradation. Today, the success in growing new trees suggests the harm to much of the Sahel may not have been permanent, but a temporary loss of fertility. The evidence, scientists say, demonstrates how relatively small changes in human behaviour can transform the regional ecology, restoring its biodiversity and productivity.

Lydia Polgreen, Melbourne Age

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Why do you feel LESS responsible to recycle?

Is Recycled Paper in Trouble?
March 2007
Read this issue of Greentips online

The growing presence of recycled paper has led many people to believe that all paper is now made from recycled materials. This unfortunate misconception has actually decreased demand for recycled paper, causing manufacturers to produce less. As a result, more than 90 percent of printing and writing paper still comes from virgin tree fiber.

The benefits of producing paper from recycled fibers are many: fewer trees cut down, less water and energy consumed, less pollution generated. And now that studies have shown today’s recycled paper products are comparable to conventional products in quality, performance, and cost, the case for buying recycled is stronger than ever. To help expand this market while meeting your needs and budget, ask these questions when shopping for paper products:

What is the percentage of recycled content?

Recycled paper contains varying percentages of post-consumer waste (paper that has been used and recycled by the consumer); the remaining recycled content derives from miscellaneous paper mill scraps. While any recycled paper is generally better than non-recycled, paper with a higher percentage of post-consumer content is the best choice. If a percentage is not listed, contact the manufacturer.

Where did the paper originate?

If you cannot buy a paper product that is 100 percent recycled, look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification label. This paper comes from forests managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

What about “tree-free” alternatives?

Paper doesn’t have to come from wood pulp; fibers from hemp, kenaf, flax, cotton, banana stalks, and other plant-based materials can be used to produce paper with fewer chemicals and less energy. Tree-free paper is generally more expensive than its conventional counterpart, but is available from a variety of companies. As with conventional paper, look for a product with high post-consumer recycled content.

How was the paper processed?

Papers (even tree-free ones) are often bleached with chlorine or chlorine derivatives that form dioxin—a known carcinogen—and other compounds that pollute local air and water supplies. Look for products labeled either processed chlorine free (PCF) or totally chlorine free (TCF).

Related Links

Conservatree—List of Recycled and Tree-Free Papers

Recycled Paper Coalition—Recycled Paper Fact Sheet (pdf)

Forest Stewardship Council—FSC-Certified Paper

Want to have a bigger impact on environmental issues? Add your voice to more than 170,000 online activists.

Help us develop practical solutions to environmental problems by joining UCS or making a donation today.
Subscribe to this free monthly newsletter or read past issues in the Greentips section of the UCS website.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Help stop despoiling our lands for dark age energy

Millions of tons of debris from mountaintop removal (a radical form of coal mining in which entire mountaintops are literally blown up) are being dumped into nearby streams.

Help protect irreplaceable mountaintops and keep mining waste out of our waterways! >>

The Clean Water Protection Act, a bill that will soon be introduced in Congress, reestablishes the original intent of the Clean Water Act. This Act will:

Tell your Representatives to support the Clean Water Protection Act and keep millions of tons of mountaintop debris out of our rivers! >>

Across the Appalachian coalfields, more than 1,200 miles of streams are now buried and destroyed by mountaintop removal. In West Virginia, more than 400,000 acres have been leveled. And mountaintop removal mining has destroyed roughly one million acres of Appalachia's mountains!

But with your help, we can protect countless other mountains and streams from the same fate. Please sign the petition today.

Thank you for all you do!

Robyn E.
Care2 and
ThePetitionSite Team

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Help Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes!

Help Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes!

When you file your taxes this year, a new check-off box will allow you to give a tax-deductible gift to protect our sea otters. Spread the news by pledging to donate at least $1 to save the sea otter!

Help sea otters today!

As a Californian, you probably know that sea otters face some real threats: pollution, oil spills and habitat degradation, to name a few. What's worse, increasing numbers of sea otters are dying from disease and parasites.

Luckily, thanks to incredible efforts by many of you, we persuaded Gov. Schwarzenegger to pass a bill last year that will help protect our sea otters. Among several things, the bill created a tax check-off for sea otters, but we only have until tax day to get the word out!

Sign this pledge to donate at least $1 tax-deductible dollar to save sea otters when you file your taxes.

Tax-deductible donations generated by this check-off will be used to support the California Sea Otter Fund to reduce sea otter deaths and improve research on these playful marine mammals.

However, to ensure that the Sea Otter Fund remains on the California tax form in the future, California taxpayers must donate at least $250,000 through this tax check off this year.

We don't have much time to get the word out! If we can't convince enough Californians to participate, our sea otters will lose out on vital funding for their protection!

Sign this pledge to include the CA Sea Otter Fund in your tax return this year. You can donate and write off any amount - even $1. A small contribution from every Californian will go a long way!

Thanks for helping today,

Hilary Stamper
Care2 and

P.S. We're making great progress protecting the sea otter and this tax check-off is a huge step! This past year, we helped pass sea otter protection legislation that boosts state research funding and an historic bill that protects vast stretches of California's unique coasts. Pledge to keep the momentum going, and if you've already sent in your taxes, please forward this message to your friends in California so they know how they can help:

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Monday, March 12, 2007


Excerpt on the Present State of Iraq

The average American cannot comprehend the disaster which has overwhelmed the average citizen of Baghdad. This next news story illustrates the unbelievable stress which this genocidal war has forced on the citizens of Baghdad.

NEWS BRIEF: "Marked for death: where tattoos are a barcode on lost relatives", by Ned Parker and Saad Abdul Wahab, Times Online, March 10, 2007

"Tattoos, once the domain of the low-life criminals, hard drinkers and gamblers of Baghdad, now serve a practical purpose for ordinary Iraqis. Middle-class men are getting tattoos to spare their families the misery of visiting morgues and police stations in vain for loved ones abducted by death squads or killed in a bombing. They believe that the markings will act as a human bar-code and help their families to identify them. At least 200 unclaimed bodies are buried every week in Iraq."

Can you believe this kind of practical macabre thinking and planning? So many people are being killed every week in Baghdad that at least 200 bodies cannot be identified. Therefore, people are turning to tattoos as a means by which a loved one can identify their dead body!

These people have lost so much hope that they expect to be murdered soon!

Can you know understand how it can be true that the average citizen throughout Iraq are now wishing that the old "repressive" regime of Saddam Hussein could come back?

Cutting Edge has long taught that, in these most deceptive days, you must look to the opposite end of the public rhetoric to discover the truth. Nowhere is this principle more appropriate than this Iraqi War! Please consider:

1) President Bush says that he ordered the invasion of Iraq to "liberate" the people and bring peace.

The reality is that this invasion has thrust the citizens of Iraq into an oppression of all-out civil war and wanton murder. The only "peace" these poor citizens know now is the "peace of the grave".

2) President Bush said that he ordered the invasion of Iraq so that Saddam could not use his WMD against his neighboring countries.

The reality is that Bush was deliberately lying. Saddam had abandoned his WMD program shortly after the 1991 Gulf War.

3) President Bush said that he only wants force "democracy" upon Iraq -- whether they want it or not!

The reality is that Bush has forced a Depleted Uranium genocide upon all of Iraq and surrounding countries at least 1,000 miles away from the battlefields. Within 20 more years, Iraq and Afghanistan will be unlivable, with the vast majority of its citizens dead or dying.

We can only read this news article and weep.

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Help Protect Giant Sequoias

Save the Giant Sequoia National Monument from bulldozers

Take Action!

Giant Sequoia National Monument is home to more than half the giant sequoias in existence and also provides essential habitat for the California spotted owl, Pacific fisher and other plants and animals

Tell US Forest Service Chief Kimbell to extend permanent protections to these trees!

How do you protect precious Giant Sequoias from forest fire? According to this administration, you open the area up to logging!

Tell the Forest Service to extend permanent protection from logging to Giant Sequoia National Monument!>>

Masquerading as a necessary measure to protect the forests and surrounding homes from wildfires, the proposed plan would open our precious ancient Sequoia groves to chainsaws and bulldozers. In fact, it would very likely increase the chances of fires because logging large fire-resistant trees leaves behind only smaller, more combustible trees and highly-flammable dead limbs, branches, brush and needles.

This plan has been rebuked by the federal courts, but the Bush Administration is refusing to back off trying to log this irreplaceable ancient forest. More than half of the remaining groves - located in Giant Sequoia National Monument - are in jeopardy.

By contrast, neighboring Sequoia National Park's innovative conservation and fire prevention strategies have reinvigorated the Giant Sequoia groves there and made nearby communities safer while helping avoid harmful logging.

Please sign our petition to US Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell urging her to extend permanent protections to these imperiled trees!

Thank you,

Emily L.
Care2 and

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Update on World Depopulation Policy

You Are In the Way. It's that simple.

US foreign policy became very clear in the December 10, 1974 National Security Study Memorandum, "NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests" also called the Kissinger Document. In it, an explicit policy by which the US would promote rapid population decline in 13 countries was articulated. Kissinger's now famous (and declassified) quote sums up the elaborate plan:

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries."

NSSM 200 became official US policy in November 1975 under President Gerald Ford. Birth control, war and famine were all tools to serve US access to mineral resources without impediments caused by third word populations who were to be eliminated. Brent Scowcroft, Kissinger's replacement as National Security Adviser was put in charge of implementing the plan. CIA Director George Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, along with the Secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, and Agriculture.

Brazil Notices

Carrying out this depopulation agenda, other agencies besides those most closely identified publicly with the US are active as well.

Former Brazilian Health Minster Carlos Santana, for example, pointed out that "The World Bank, through their reports of its Presidents, has always made its proselytizing for a rigid birth control policy explicit," and that included in World Bank credit packages and investment in Third World countries is an implicit agenda of depopulation. He questioned why Brazil was targeted for birth reduction, with approximately forty per cent of Brazilian woman having been already sterilized.

Quotes Worth Noting

The architects and engineers of global depopulation include iconic figures, corporate and governmental leaders and national decision-makers.

Depopulation programs worldwide are directed and funded by major international money interests, including McGeorge Bundy of the Council on Foreign Relations, (the architect of the US nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD policy); Warren E. Buffet, the second wealthiest man in the United States; and, long term supporters of eugenics, the Rockefellers.

In 1998, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, announced "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."**

Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon Magazine said, "A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." and is using his purported $1Billion "gift" to the UN to further global depopulation programs.

UNESCO Courier, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous Emmy award winning film producer and ambassador for the environmental movement, said in 1991,

"It's terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day."

As Alex Jones pointed out, "That works out to 127,750,000 people per year, and 1.27 billion people over 10 years."***

But what about the US? Is anyone trying to get rid of us? Look at what the USDA and FDA permit as "food" and tell me whether the preventable diseases of under nutrition and toxicity which are killing us to the great profit of the "Bigs" (Big Pharma at the top of the list, of course, but Big Chema, Big Biotechna, Big Abgribiz and Big Medica) could possibly have been regulated this disastrously by accident alone.

Help Me Out Here

Tell me if you believe

If so, then you can buy the notion that the disastrous (and wildly profitable) deaths by pharmaceuticals which account for huge numbers of preventable deaths in the developed world (according to journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet, etc.) could be due to corrupt regulators alone.

It also means that you buy the story that degraded and depleted food laced with poisons is regulated onto our tables and shelves by accident. That Donald Rumsfeld's statement (as the CEO of Searle) that he wanted Aspartame approved by the FDA and he did "not care how many people it killed" was just a poor turn of phrase.

That means that you are comfortable that the depopulation agenda being so vigorously pursued elsewhere in the world does not touch the shores of the US.

Are You Disposable?

No one, rich or poor, believes they are disposable. And they are right.

I have traveled to places populated by some of the most abjectly poor people in the world on the health freedom trail. People without any way out of that abject poverty, people starving and watching their children starve, have not been willing, just as you and I are not willing, to hold up their hands and say, "Yes, I am a useless eater! For the sake of the elite and their comforts, my children and I are willing to be eliminated."

Yet read what a leading proponent of eugenics/depopulation has to say about those stubborn people who for some reason will not willingly class themselves as useless eaters for their own good!:

"The very word eugenics is in disrepute in some quarters ... We must ask ourselves, what have we done wrong?

I think we have failed to take into account a trait which is almost universal and is very deep in human nature. People simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their character was formed is inferior and should not be repeated in the next generation. We have asked whole groups of people to accept this idea and we have asked individuals to accept it. They have constantly refused and we have all but killed the eugenic movement ... they won't accept the idea that they are in general second rate. We must rely on other motivation. ... it is surely possible to build a system of voluntary unconscious selection. But the reasons advanced must be generally acceptable reasons. Let's stop telling anyone that they have a generally inferior genetic quality, for they will never agree. Let's base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care, and perhaps our proposals will be accepted."

- From Galton and Mid Century Eugenics by Frederick Osborn, Galton Lecture 1956, in Eugenics Review, vol. 48, 1, 1956

Weaponizing Food

Using food as a weapon goes back to the beginning of inter-group struggle. Sieges are mounted to starve the opposing side. Scorched earth policies deprive peasant and warrior alike of the food they need to survive. Food has been a weapon of tribal and national policy since there were tribes and nations. The US upper echelon policy makers and their friends the would-be masters of the planet have taken this ancient form of intentional misery and death one step further.

With chilling directness, food was officially weaponized by NSSM 200 which the US has never repudiated. The document states, "Since population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand, allocation of scarce PL 480 resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production. In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion.".... "Mandatory programs may be needed and we should be considering these possibilities now," the document continued, adding, "Would food be considered an instrument of national power? ... Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can't/won't control their population growth?" Among the conclusions reached by NSSM 200 is that "mandatory [emphasis added] population control measures" may be "appropriate."* NSSM 200 states that "large-scale famine of a kind not experienced for several decades—a kind the world thought had been permanently banished,...can be expected" as policy events and points out "In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion" and suggests that the UN and other agencies be used to carry out these policies.

Codex: A Perfect Disguise

Codex works perfectly for that purpose. If you were turning food into a tool of depopulation and political control, wouldn't you do exactly what the Codex Commission has done? Wouldn't you create a high sounding international body to "protect consumer health" and "ensure the free trade of food" while bringing your less developed brethren along to develop their "science based" agriculture and food processing capabilities? Wouldn't you make sure that higher and higher levels of deadly chemicals, hormones and other toxins (including heavy metals and animal drug residues) were lacing their foods and get them to want to pay you premium prices for helping them to contaminate their own food and buy your illness-inducing "food" at the same time? Wouldn't you set up seemingly scientific "risk analysis" procedures to mandate global mal- and under-nutrition knowing that, as Linus Pauling said, every disease is caused by a nutritional deficiency"? Then you could sanctimoniously declare that the "preventable diseases of under nutrition" were killing more and more and more people and wasn't it terrible!

Supposedly "Science Based" and advisory in nature, and backed up by WTO trade sanctions (unless countries follow our two step protective strategy), Codex serves the interests of the multinational corporations which are controlled by people whose idea of a really great planet is one without 5/6 of the people on it now. You have to hand it to the would-be masters: Codex is a brilliantly constructed, glossy and beautifully crafted deception and disinformation system.

Third world countries are led down the disastrous garden path of depleted and damaged food resulting in peoples with weakened immune systems who are under nourished and over fed on nutrient poor food. Their food is irradiated, contaminated with highly profitable chemicals, genetically modified foods and the results are inevitable.

Codex Delegates Disinformed

The men and women who attend Codex as National Representatives and Delegates, by the way, are, in my experience, in the main, good, decent and hard working people who have been totally hoodwinked by brilliant misrepresentation and pseudo science. The amazing thing is how quickly they convert their nagging suspicions and unease to clear understanding when we present the facts as we understand them in personal and direct conversation.

We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Success in taking back our food and our freedom is really up to us. We have the information and we have the power to take back our futures. This war has been brought to our tables and our bodies. It is up to us to "Join the Mouth Revolution" in more ways than just spitting out fake food. We need to speak, we need to educate, we need to purchase healthy foods and nutrients, and we need to share what we know with everyone we reach. The stakes are literally life and death. Yours, mine and theirs.

Marshalling Resources

No army can fight without resources. Human resources are precious and so are monetary resources. We need your creativity as volunteers, organizers, and artists. And, yes, we need your donation (s

We still have $22,341 to raise by the end of March in order to meet our goal. It's really important that we do meet it so we can continue our work. We need your help.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


** Reported by Deutsche Pres Agentur, August 1998


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Help Oppose Infection from GM Products

1. What you can do: Oppose rice engineered with human genes
Rice FieldsThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is poised to approve the planting of up to 3,200 acres in Kansas with rice that is genetically engineered to contain human genes for lysozyme, lactoferrin, and serum albumin. Producing pharmaceutical products in food crops poses risks to our food supply and the economic well-being of farmers. Tell the USDA to ban the outdoor production of this rice and other pharmaceutical-producing food crops.

2. Victory in engineered alfalfa case!
For the third time in recent months, a federal judge has ruled that the USDA failed to uphold the law on genetically engineered crops. Read more.

3. Bills would require cloned food to be labeled
Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has introduced the Cloned Food Labeling Act (S. 414), a bill requiring food from cloned animals or their offspring to be labeled as such. In a rousing speech on the Senate floor, Mikulski cited widespread consumer opposition to eating cloned food products and the need to track cloned food in case a recall is needed. Meanwhile, California State Senator Carole Migden (D-3rd district) has introduced a similar bill to the California legislature. The bills are a response to the Food and Drug Administration's recent announcement that it intends to allow products from cloned animals and their progeny to be sold as food. Read the text of S. 414 (pdf).

4. Resistance to cloned food grows
Consumer and corporate opposition to cloned food products is mounting. Read more.

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Help Protect Northern Rockies Wolves

Strong Showing for Wolves

Gray Wolf Howling, National Park ServiceOur efforts to keep federal protections in place for Northern Rockies wolves got a big boost last week as several public hearings took place in key Western states.

Defenders activists and other conservationists have already made a strong showing at meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah; Helena, Montana; even outnumbering wolf opponents in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Boise, Idaho. In fact, so many Defenders activists and other wolf supporters showed up to testify in Boise that officials extended the meeting by an hour! More meetings are scheduled this week in Spokane, Washington and Pendleton, Oregon.

Defenders, along with our conservation partners, scored another small victory last week as the Fish & Wildlife Service extended the public comment period an additional 30 days to May 9th. Thanks to your efforts, the public will have more time to weigh in on this important issue.

We’ll continue to do all we can to ensure that Northern Rockies wolves are protected -- and we’ll be sure to let you know what you can do to help along the way. Already, more than 34,000 of you have taken action to support our wolves. If you haven’t already, there's still time!

Tell the Fish & Wildlife Service to keep critical protections in place for Northern Rockies wolves. Help us generate 200,000 comments -- one of our most ambitious goals -- by the May 9th deadline!

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