Friday, November 28, 2008


Clear the confusion about Sexual HealingMindN

Some people are confused about this lens at have at squidoo on taoist sexology:

Indeed, people are very confused when they find my site linked to this lens linked to this lens which I call Sexual HealingMindN:

People ask me, "You claim to be such a spiritual guy? Why do you talk about all these perverted things? Why do you like to talk about sex if you're such a religious guy? Huh?!"

Such attitudes are unfortunate. I'm not going to argue with anyone's cognitive commitments about sexuality because no matter what I say, some people are unmovable and completely closed in their opinions.

Sometimes such opinions are a good thing when you want to show strength of conviction. Most of the time it's just the way people have been brought up.

If you're brought up to believe that sex is a dirty thing and has nothing to do with being spiritual, I'm not going to argue with you.

Yes, any kind of sexuality is treated as a perversion by the puritan types. But when we talk about the love between a man and a woman who love each other such much and they love life so much that they want to express themselves to each other in an ultimate act of intimacy, where is the perversion? Where is the pervision when they love each other and they love life so much, that they want to create their own?

I have advocated time and again that we are spiritual beings intimately connected to physical bodies. In that respect, we could easily take the perspective that a sexual union is a spiritual union where love is involved. I would go as far as to say that the physical union completes the spiritual union; there are so many facets of the sexual union that directly correlate to the union of energy meridians between man and woman, that this can be nothing less than bridging the gap between equal yet opposite systems of higher gauge symmetry (i.e. astral, etheric, energetic, and more).

A so called "puritan" might say, "the pleasure derived from the sex act is sinful..."

The euphoria derived from the orgasm function during the sexual embrace with the one you love is nothing less than the euphoria you experience in the Presence of God. That's why you thank God for the one you love.

You thank God for the healing connection you have to the one you love, the healing connection she has with God, and the healing connection God has with you. That is the perfect trifecta. God provides the sexual function for those with healing intentions to heal the one he loves - and to create a gifted child in this physical world.

Taoist Sexology happens to provide the necessary tools, so we know how to have that sexual healing mind, to heal the ones we love.

Healing takes great discipline. Most people don't have that discipline; they don't want it. They weren't raised to understand sexuality in terms of healing. That's OK. Neither was I.

The difference is, I choose to leave my mind and my heart open to all possibilities - and with God, all things are possible.

Thanks for your time.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Appreciation for this Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving,
We are quiet,
and our souls open,
As We think about our lives, We see all that is good.
All that We sometimes fail to see is because of our own darkness.
We are filled with gratitude.
The Light of the Creator shines upon Us,
and We are filled with Abundance and Joy.
As We take time each day to appreciate all of our blessings, the Light fulfills our desires.
We live fully in each moment.
Instead of looking back with regret, We concentrate on appreciating what We have now,
and what We will continue to have.

Thank you, God, for Your Gifts, Your Guidance, Your Glory, and Our Healing Connections.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My opinion on "mind control" is posted at HealingMindN Power Circle, Mind Control Paradigm vs. Self Discipline, where History of Mind Control Seminar presented by Stewart Swerdlow is posted.

I fully realise gov't experiments in the 50's and 60's may seem to negate any attempts at self discipline. In fact, Stewart Swerdlow discusses the mind over body paradigm at the beginning of the video, wherein wounds don't exist in a programmed person when they revert to their "normal" persona.

By the same token, you don't have to be that person who relinquishes control over their own lives to the garbage that's being poured into it. You can maintain control over your own life and health through self discipline.

Please visit where you can discover this concept for yourself at the article: Mind Control Paradigm vs. Self Discipline.

Thanks for your time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Blog title...

Only for Way of the MindGate Subscribers

I have a special value added package for anyone who purchases Mind Stereo through my eBay ad. Please have a look at this ad.

Besides the extras that I'm offering in this ad, I was wondering what else I could do for Way of the MindGate Subscribers who purchase Mind Stereo. Here's my plan:

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As far as what your NLP Video will do for you, this depends on your answers, but I can definitely promise you a supernatural experience.

If you've seen my work, then you know that like to research things deeply. I like to go into strange places. And I guarantee you that you DO have something very strange that happened some where near you that is deeply connected to you and your family - things that you probably never knew existed.

You might think that I'm out to scare you, but it's past Halloween. My intention is Your Enlightment and Your Revelation. And I also like to get testimonials for my work, so I'm out to Impress You. This video is your living mandala - and this offer is available only until December 2nd, 2008.

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Thanks for your time.

Randolph (HealingMindN)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take the hassle out of your study concentration and focus. Your mental discipline is achieved through your trance state. We all acheive the trance state and we all know how irritating it is when someone breaks our concentration on important things.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could deal with those interruptions with ease and get back to work right away? Wouldn't it be nicer if we could do that using our own music library in our computers?

You can do that now using Mind Stereo. Please discover how you can have personalized hypnosis using your music at

This listing has a value added special of free software and ebooks on hypnosis, mind control, NLP, and self improvement.

Please visit HealingMindN on the web for more esoteric ways to improve your life.

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