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Spiritual Conception

I recently visited one of Dr. Alexander Lowen's sites on bioenergetics. His work reminded me of something very important as we look forward to the new year. Dr. Lowen reminded me that kids grow up according to the way they were raised; that kids grow up to be sociopathic when they are abused or brutalised - or when they are completely ignored - which is akin to abuse. Kids grow up to have all the same emotional insecurities as their parents unless they are taught about their greater reality.

We are bombarded every day by bad news of man doing evil to his fellow men. Yet how many people are willing to consider how that sociopath was raised as a child and how that child was "treated" by decadent, spiritless science and how decadent society allows those emotional problems to spiral out of control. Usually, a sociopath is locked into a small, twisted reality; they are only reflecting decadent culture which is also locked into a small, twisted reality. Imagine what this world would be like if we all accepted ourselves as a living, breathing part of spiritual reality.

The Kid's Reality

There is something more important in this day and age. When so many people (especially college educated people) get together and believe that they can be parents. They conceive and believe that they know all they need to know from their own parents. We need to be able to swallow our pride and learn from the successes (and mistakes) of other people on how to raise children. How are today's children being raised and educated to deal with modern day stresses?

The stresses that are put on children today are not the same as ten and twenty years ago. The stress levels put on kids are just as high if not higher than a corporate environment. If kids do not meet a certain performance level according to current "expert" scholastic criteria these days, then they are suspect of having ADD, ADHD, or some other made up ailment. Then they are mandated to go on drugs, a successful, devil's advocate system which feeds big pharma. One might even suspect that school "counselors" are actually agents for the drug companies.

Furthermore, Innocent kids with "learning disorders" have to find a way to deal with sociopathic peer groups in the form of "remedial" classes. The school system these days does not care if a kid simply has a learning disorder or if he comes from a broken home. If that kid has trouble learning or doing his work - he ends up in remedial classes. More often than not, the slow, innocent kids get mixed in with the derelect, sociopathic kids in the public school system. This is where real trouble begins - for the slow kids, but the trouble started with the parenting.

The bottom line is that even the best educated couple today does not know how to deal with the stresses that a child must endure these days. Most "educated" couples do not take the time to learn about the most successful parenting methods. The parenting "wheel" is constantly being reinvented one family after another because too many people have so much dangerous pride and emotional "security" about what makes a good parent that they simply don't want to learn anything new. This is where kids learn how to be stubborn; they simply reflect the same stubborn, Godless attitude of their parents.

(On a side note, drugs have nothing to do with raising children successfully - no matter what the "disorder experts" have to say.)

Good People make Good Parents

But before we even consider raising children, we have to consider the kind of people we are: Good People make Good Parents. What makes good people? Good Works. Good Attitude. The concept is very simple. The discipline is difficult. You have to understand that you are much more than the meatsack that decadent science would have you believe. You have to understand that we are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. What does this mean? It means that the spirit and all aspects of the spiritual body affects the physical body at every level.

All the case histories at Gary Craig's site on emotional freedom techniques (EFT) proves that our spiritual and physical bodies are intimately attached. The conscious mind is the waking aspect of the spiritual body. Our meridians of chi (bioenergetic) flow are the etheric bridge to our spiritual bodies which is why EFT has such a dramatic healing effect - especially in moments of crisis.

The point of this paper is to help future parents prevent any of the trauma and crisis that most parents dread. Most of these parents do not know what I'm about to tell you. They also do not accept this information even when they do hear it because they are too proud.

Emotional Insecurity vs Spiritual Security

They have a dangerous pride. The constructs of belief of most people are made of many layers of emotional insecurities handed down by their parents, built up over generations. Trauma and crisis happen very easily around these many layers of emotional insecurities; they are like bubbles waiting to burst. All it takes is a sociopath with a "pin" to go around popping each one.

On the other hand, we have spiritual security. Spiritual security in a person is unbreakable. People with spiritual security can deal with any trauma, any crisis - like Jesus. Spiritual security is what makes a good person. As a spiritually secure person, you understand that you make your own destiny - as in the law of attraction. As a spiritually secure person, your ego never gets in the way. You create positive actions, restrict negative reactions. You are always proactive to determine your fate at each turn.

As a spiritually secure person, you have more power than the spiritually bereft person including the power of prophecy; You determine your own reality. You understand that every hour of every minute of every second offers a new reality. You understand that every turn you take, every decision you make creates a different reality. As a spiritual being, You realise that You are an Aspect of God, so this is your right. This is Your Power.

Beyond this, we have to realise that God created physical reality, so that good and evil could coexist in the same body. Therefore, we have a choice of choosing good or evil. And in choosing one we must defeat the other. Where does evil begin in a child? QUICKLY! What's your attitude towards the sexual function?

Sex: Good or Evil?

Is sex good or evil? This is an acid test. I'm testing your emotional (in)securities. I'm like the sociopath with a "pin" ready to burst your bubble. Instead of a gun, I'm using words on a page. Have you decided? OK.

The sexual function can go either way. You can regard it as nothing more than a pleasure/procreation function like a meatsack. The moral majority considers anything outside of procreation a sin; they think it is as a function of satan since it's the most basic form of temptation and indulgence. Self proclaimed
"sexually free" people like swingers and certain Hollywood movie producers teach the masses to only think of it as a pleasure function to be explored and indulged.

They're all perverts. They all live in a very small, twisted reality of their own creation. Remember, we are all spiritual beings, so we all create the reality of our choosing - no matter how tiny and perverse. The problem with perversely small realities filled with emotional insecurities is that they are easily traumatized. Like balloons fearing to pop, emotionally insecure people are quick to latch onto similar people, places, or things to justify and strengthen their reality. This applies from the lowest underground fetish cults to the highest places in government.

When a child is taught that the sexual function is evil, then they think of themselves as evil. Nature's function which is at the root of our creation is culturally perverted in the hearts and minds of innocent children by perverse adults. Innocent, impressionable children always ALWAYS latch onto the reality which is handed to them by the adults who raise them. If they believe that an evil function brought them into this world, then they believe that they are evil - and act accordingly.

The Higher Consciousness of The Sexual Function

If you have read the site at Sexual HealingMindN, then you know that the sexual function is so much more than any meatsack science or philosophy. The sexual function is at the root of creation in this physical reality. Just as we have the functions of expansion and contraction of the nervous system as the basis of the emotions, the sexual function also has a basic formula: Tension -> Charge -> Discharge -> Release. In this sense, the sexual function is a function of all creation since we see this formula at work within every level of the universe in the creation of galaxies down to cell mitosis. (Quantum reality is slightly different since it's closer to spiritual reality.)

As a spiritually secure human being, you realise that the sexual function is for healing, but the only way to do that is raise your consciousness towards the intention of healing. For the perverse, spiritually bereft meatsacks, this is too much work, too much discipline because this means actually devoting oneself to creating a happy marriage above and beyond anything most people experience; this means creating a spiritually fulfilling marriage.

This means complete and utter devotion to your marriage partner above and beyond the attention that you've ever given to anyone else. This means stepping outside the emotionally insecure reality of a spiritually bereft meatsack; most people are simply too afraid to step outside of this reality because of their own culturally induced fears.

As a spiritually secure being, you understand that you create your own reality, therefore, you understand that you create the reality of your offspring. We can determine the qualities of our offspring at conception using ancient psychic keys such as that of the Kabbalah where we focus on certain toes representing the Tree of Life or Taoist Sexology where we focus on certain bioenergetic flows. Each culture/religion has their own esoterica including Christianity for raising the consciousness towards creation, so I encourage the reader to choose his/her own path.

Why not use EFT to raise the consciousness towards healing and creation? It's a shotgun method, but it still takes advantage of the inherent psychic abilities of the human mind. EFT literally "taps" into the power of our spiritual bodies, so it's a good beginning.

For spiritually bereft meatsacks, placing the focus of the sexual function on healing, creation, or other spiritual functions is just too difficult a concept, yet some people sublimate and channel their sexual energy into areas in their lives where they have the greatest success - which is usually some weird hobby or extroverted activity. (But weird and extroverted can still be good.)

Other people's sexual functions have become perverted, so they develop character armor which leads to physical armor which leads to stagnation of natural bioenergetic flow - which leads to chronic ailments and sickness. (Read about Lowen Bioenergetics on this subject.) A sick attitude towards life leads to sickness; it's that simple. The Sexual Function is at the root of that life.

Sexual energy is our source of power in this physical world as we see its energy get sublimated into the greatest works of art and science. When we channel sexual energy back into spiritual functions of healing our mates or creation of another loved one with the proper intention of a raised consciousness, we expand ourselves into new and better realities for ourselves and our loved ones; it's like expanding and enhancing our neural pathways through mental exercises. Instead, we expand and enhance our realities through spiritual exercises. The same is done for our offspring through spiritual conception.

When a couple puts in the time and energy necessary to create a healthy, happy marriage through spiritual functions, they can put that same discipline into creating a healthy, happy, spiritually secure child who can deal with the iniquities of this world. A spiritually secure couple leaves nothing to chance; they prophesize and create their child's reality as well as their own. Therefore, there is no need for geneticists to manipulate a child's DNA - not for people who are willing to create their own reality. Not for You.

Most importantly, a spiritually secure couple realises that at the moment of conception that their lives are devoted to that child - just as they are devoted to the health, wealth, well being, peace, happiness, and freedom of each other, just as love, trust, friendship, and devotion, eternal and unconditional keeps them together - they must now devote themselves and denote the same qualities to their child in raising a healthy, happy family.

The Mind is like Time is like the Mind. Time is the thread holding together physical reality, so is the Mind. The Mind is the thread through Time which offers a new reality; every hour of every minute of every second. Make it a good one.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Your Forests Bulldozed with Your Tax Dollars

As a taxpayer in America, I am furious that my tax dollars are funding projects that plan to wipe out our National Forests for the profits of big oil, mining, timber and real estate executives.

Stop the sale of America's national heritage!>>

Imagine a country where national parks are no longer, and all we have to experience natural beauty is a 300 square-foot neighborhood park covered in tan bark. At the rate this administration is planning to bulldoze, this is not so far from reality.

Plans to cut down trees also completely ignore the lives or well-being of the wildlife that call these forests home. Many threatened and endangered species are on the brink of being wiped out due to reckless deforestation plans.

And if that wasn't enough, these plans also disregard the health and everyday needs of local communities. For example, The Forest Service proposed to fill up to 5,500 logging trucks with trees from the Daniel Boone National Forest - even though it will damage the water supply for more than 80,000 Kentuckians.

Tell Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi that you will not part with your National Forests without a fight.>>


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
Don't let our forests be sold and chopped down!
Stop Logging!
Take Action!
Proposals abound for ways to use our National Forests for profits. Speak out today!

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