Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yet another call to bring home U.S. Troops...

The Senate might take action on Iraq BEFORE the July recess. A number of measures will be introduced in the Senate this week - your Senators need to hear where you stand on these complex issues. We've authored a letter demanding all troops return home within 9 months for you to send but it's also important to be as specific as possible.

All the information about when and what will be voted on is not yet available but there will be myriad opinions regarding how U.S. troops can successfully be deployed from Iraq. Write your Senator and tell them how you want to bring the troops home now!

Below are some interesting points to reference in the letter to your representatives.

We at Peace Action want nothing less than a complete withdrawal in 9 months. Please, take action to bring the troops home in a peaceful and just way by getting in touch with your Senator, NOW. We'll keep you updated when the Senate finally votes.


Paul Kawika Martin
Organizing, Political and PAC Director
Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund

Randolph's Note: Iraq is in a shambles. Iraqi streets, businesses, and homes are destroyed. Their economy, health, and well being have been driven into the gutter. U.S. troops stationed there are being driven into the same gutter along with their morale; there is no end in sight as a result of the unholy mess that never should have happened.

It's difficult for me to say, "just bring our troops home." What exactly is the U.S. and/or corporate plan for reparations to this country? There are insurgents exactly because of the mess that the military has caused. We need an altruistic business plan to get Iraq back on its feet.

It's also possible to clean up the depleted uranium weapons dust that people are breathing in every day from the unholy onslaught - with the right scientific minds and resources at work on the problem. (Man man tornados are one solution.) We need to offer the people a complete plan.

Simply demanding to bring U.S. Troops home just doesn't ring quite right in the heads of beligerant rednecks. We need to know how the mess is getting cleaned up.

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