Thursday, February 17, 2011


A Musical Approach to Remote Influencing

(How learning psychic powers is like learning music)

For those of you who have trouble conceiving a Universal Creator or a Universal Mind as the basis of order in the universe, think of a song. What is the origin of music? Where did humans first get the idea to make music?

Nature, of course. But there’s far more to nature than the tweeting of birds or how the wind plays through trees. A driving force within each of us allows us to make music out of those sounds; this is because WE are part of nature. WE are part of that flawless order.

Let’s examine ourselves from a slightly bigger perspective: What is our reality based upon? What is our reference frame for “consciousness” based upon?

Find out at HealingMindN Power Circle:

Sunday, February 06, 2011


How to Save the World with the Maharishi Effect

You have heard me mention the Maharishi Effect in previous posts. This effect takes places when the square root of 1% of the population focuses upon enlightenment and achieves inner peace - simultaneously. Allegedly, this action precipitates enlightenment and inner peace for the rest of the population - AND - it has worked in the past.

Even small prayer groups have significant effects on the spiritual attitude of a target such as the Society of Inner Light discussed at Holy Life, HealingMindN. Further discussion on the real life physical effects of prayer groups on a target are at Collective DNA Consciousness.

But how do we save entire regions of the world when a people need enlightenment and inner peace? The Maharishi Effect is the answer. As of this writing, world population is approximately 6,950,157,887. All we need for the Maharishi Effect to take place is 8,337 people; this is a miniscule number.

If you want to know when we should all get together to go for the Maharishi Effect, The Global Coherence Initiative provides exactly what we need: Times to gather and places in greatest need for us to focus. Here’s the latest newsletter from GCI: (at HealingMindN Power Circle:

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