Tuesday, October 28, 2008


HealingMindN NLP Project in the works

It's been a while since HealingMindN Meditation on the web. I've been trying to out do myself on my next project.

In particular, I've been following upon this post I made at http://ping.fm/6OMed

At the moment, I have a story that I've written for one person in particular. I'm still gathering all of the materials for doing the entire studio pipeline video which includes sound effects, music, some intense visualisations, and my narration.

My narration will contain several characters which I will attempt to emulate and "fix" with the proper sound effects. I'm no Mel Blanc, so I'll be depending on the delivery of the collective video.

The idea of the story within this video is to expand on a certain person's already broad horizons. The story will be told in the style of Dr. Milton Erickson with lots of embellishments to appeal to a certain type of mind pattern.

Although I wrote this story for one person in particular, I believe it will appeal to others who enjoy character development through new, sensual experiences.

In fact, let me give you a little sneak preview with this synopsis: "In this tale of spiritual passion and techno-shamanism, a Mahican Medicine Woman journeys to the west from the Great River to discover a 'futuristic' village, a time mirror, and the way to fulfill her thunder visions. "

It's difficult to say if this story is just a fantasy/sci-fi fusion because I also did some remote viewing on this one. A lot of the things I saw were historically accurate, so it's difficult to say where the fiction ends and the reality begins.

Since I'm suffering from the "damn, I'm good" complex, I've decided to send in this story to Asimov's Sci-Fi for publication.

It would be interesting if it didn't get published. Besides the NLP in the story, I used NLP in the cover letter to the editor. I also used radionics in the form of numbers, names, and the number of words in the manuscript that were specifically made to appeal to the subconscious of certain mind patterns.

I'm keeping you in the dark about this story for the moment, but there is a specific radionic that I reveal for you now: 911.

This number has connotations for everyone. Of course, it has it's darkside because of a certain event. It has different meanings for everyone because of individual perspectives; this is what makes it a ubiquitous radionic.

What really matters in the context of its use. Who really matters is the person receiving the information and the way they perceive it.

This is where the context of the story comes in: We must look beyond the tragedy, so we can experience "The Wakaning."

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P.S. Yes, I'm still working on Storm NLP and Supernatural NLP, but there's only one of me - at the moment.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


New updates at HealingMindN Power Circle

If you didn't know it yet, HealingMindN has a public blog that gets regular updates. Please see the latest update which analyzes a Derren Brown video, "Piano Girl."

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