Thursday, January 29, 2009


How Positive Control is Good for Your Life

I believe the people at Harvard are like everyone else: They are under stress and they want to relieve the stress.

Intrinsically, everyone knows that stress debilitates cognitive brain functions. You don’t have to be a neuropsychologist to know this.

Sure, stress is OK for flight or fight situations, but we don’t need stress when learning academic functions. Understandably, there are career functions where people are under constant stress.

This is a bad thing, because stressful people don’t have much empathy for the people around them. They don’t care much about their health, neither do they care much about the health of people around them.

For this reason, we need to focus on the positives of our studies, our careers, and our business. We need to focus on our blessings, so we can bring forth more blessings.

Focus on your power of attraction for blessings and you bring more blessings into your life.

Even better, let’s be like the karateist who focuses beyond the target. What is really the source of our stress and unhappiness?

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Special offer for Way of the MindGate Subscribers

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The offer I am making to subscribers on this personalised hypnosis, brainwave entrainment special is going to happen today. Please join Way of the MindGate Subscribers and take advantage of this amazing offer towards your self improvement.

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