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Way of the Mind Gate

Way of the Mind Gate

Way of the Mind Gate provides esoteric twists from ancient knowledge upon mainstream mind control publications.

Mainstream publications are from sources such as Power Keys Publishing which provides solid, basic foundations for manipulating prospects and selling your perspective to target markets.

The only problem is that the Power Players who you would truly like to manipulate already know about Power Keys of Persuasion and are, therefore, not as easily swayed as you might like.

Who are the power players? If you work in a corporate environment, then he/she's your boss; they are also successful corporate executives, politicians, psychologists working for mainstream media and advertisers, successful salesmen, and anyone else in a position of influence. These people are taught the Power Keys of Persuasion; their positions require them to manipulate the people around them and beneath them. Some of them have even formed cults.

Your situation may be that you would like to use Power Keys of Persuasion on these influential people, but they are immune to the same tactics they use. What if you need to manipulate these people to get what you want?

The Way of the Mind Gate subscriber list takes those persuasion tactics into less traveled, more exotic roads of mind control which your prospects do not expect such as certain esoteric applications of the energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and the Chakra System.

Please keep in mind that the ancient Chinese and Indian subtle energy systems of the body have nothing to do with religion or a belief system. The living body has been scientifically proven to consist of multiple layers of energy as proven by bioenergetic and psychoenergetic researchers such as Dr. William A. Tiller, Dr. Roger Penrose, and Dr. Stuart Hameroff.

In fact, the Way of the Mind Gate was first employed by the ancient ninja warriors in the discipline known as Mumei Mugai (no name, no art) Ninjitsu during reconnaisance missions. Their hand gesture method of martial arts meditation was derived from the Healing Mudras of HaTha Yoga; Their intense focus is obtained through ancient methods of meditation known as Kuji Kuri as practiced by ancient stealth warriors.

You can also have a secret identity as an invisible warrior working through the guise of your own persona. No longer will you have regrets of not getting your way with people - You will become a master manipulator...

Periodic newsletters on Way of the Mind Gate provide you with exotic, lesser known pathes built upon solid, basic foundations of psychic self control and manipulation which utilises these ancient more esoteric methods.

This mailing list is provided by author, Randolph Fabian Directo.

P.S. For a limited time, Subscribers to Way of the Mind Gate get a free copy of the Effortless Power mini-course. 12 lessons provide secrets behind true Power.

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