Monday, May 15, 2006


Are You "Progressive?"

Rather than a healthy balance, a dichotomy exists in the thought patterns of different kinds of people when we pose the term "progressive."

When we give the general definition of "progressive" the second kind of person will most likely think, "What conditions can better serve ME?... What new methods and ideas will give ME the advantage?... What continuous improvement will better serve ME?"

Meanwhile, the first kind of person most likely thinks, "What conditions can better serve HUMANITY?... What new methods and ideas will give HUMANITY the advantage?... What continuous improvement will better serve THE WORLD?"

Rather than say that there are "selfish progressives" and "altruistic progressives" or that there are "progressive polarities" let us simply say that people are "progressive" because, no matter how you look at it, conditions have definitely improved to serve SOME PEOPLE more than
others. New methods and ideas have given SOME PEOPLE the advantage more than others. Continuous improvement is better serving SOME PEOPLE more than others.

I hate to stereotype, but, in general, the rich and powerful, multi-national corporations have been most "progressive." The people who serve them including politicians and governments have been second most "progressive." Unfortunately, these "progressives" most likely fit in
the category of the second kind of person.

The first kind of person, "the altruistic progressives," are constantly at odds with the second kind of person, "the selfish progressives," because, in one way or another, "the selfish progressive" is constantly trying to subjugate "the altruistic progressives" with everyone else.

In fact, subjugation of the people is "progressive" because this condition does serve A FEW PEOPLE. A new idea by "the selfish progressives" applied to an old method is to throw the people a few crumbs of liberty to give them the illusion of a democracy while keeping them as inept and ignorant as possible by overdosing them with lies, propaganda, trivial pursuit, drugs, war, violence, death, economic depravity, pollution, crimes against nature, crimes against humanity, and religious scandals. To A FEW PEOPLE, keeping the people overdosed with
life-negative issues is "progressive."

Meanwhile, "altruistic progressives" are constantly fending off the attacks of the selfish progressives. Please notice that I put "altruistic progressives" in quotes; this is because certain people have not really been progressive. They may call themselves progressive, but they are merely responding to "progressive" tactics rather than actively creating better conditions through new ideas and methods for continous improvement.

In fact, there is a subset of altruistic progressives. These progressives are scientists, physicians, engineers, economists, REAL born-again Christians and other researchers from all walks of life.
These people have developed medicine with no side effects, self-sustaining energy systems that make no pollution, economic systems with no debt or poverty, and more... These true altruistic progressives are shunned by mainstream media and academia; they do not fit in the orthodox paradigm of present day society because their devices are "too new" or "too progressive." Yet, the true altruistic progressives were also the first humans on this planet; they were the first kind of person who had no "rules of science" or "laws of man" to govern them. They were the people of God.

There was a time when there were many who prayed and did the Good Works of God. Today, there are a few. For these few people, the thoughts of "What conditions can better serve HUMANITY?... What new methods and ideas will give HUMANITY the advantage?... What continuous improvement will better serve THE WORLD?" are second nature. To A FEW PEOPLE, giving the people the ability to experience REAL, LIFE-POSITIVE FREEDOM to be
healthy, to be wealthy, to share in raw energy commodities, to love and appreciate nature, to love and respect fellow human beings, and to look to the stars for our future is "progressive."

We are not obligated to the people is not to define "progressive." Our obligation is to define what WE want.

Please see the next article on "progressives."

God Bless and Jesus Keep You,


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