Sunday, June 04, 2006


Chemtrail Update

Mainstream media does not properly cover the most heinous, man-made threats against man. When mainstream media covers subject matter like chemtrails and depleted uranium weapons fallout it usually gets buried and relegated to the last great bastions of freedom: The web. Of course, the malicious progressives of Psalms 73 are even trying to control our access to the web. Until this happens, I would like you to study the update at

The latest updates are beneath the pictures of chemtrails getting spread above my house. NBCTV did try to tell the people about the hideous dangers of chemtrails. In fact, the pernicious purveyors of chemtrails are not only admitting to the existence of chemtrails. They are trying
to bypass parents and teach grammar school kids that chemtrails are "Good and Safe" sunscreens. There is also a periodical of scientific cretinism trying to convince its readership that certain types of "aerosol" spraying over clouds are important for scientific research. Please read
the article from Dr. Frank Mercola's site to discover what toxic cocktail exists within these "good and safe" chemtrails. Thanks again for your time.


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