Thursday, July 06, 2006


Allow me to introduce you to Spirit World

I have yet to formally introduce you to this massive site which I have deemed "Spirit World," my collection of expertise from over the years. I believe that you can better understand the concepts presented in knowing their origins.

777 Health was the beginning phase of Spirit World. The theme began as a mixture of subjects about the Holy Trinity (represented by '777') and lesser known issues of health. Since 777 Health focuses on gematrian keys it will probably be renamed to simply '777.'

I treat health in different ways besides physical and spiritual health; there is also economic health which begat the site for Economic Reform based on Rev. Sheldon Emry's "Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People." The holy scripture for creating and maintaining an economically healthy culture is completely logical. But, like Egyptian Pharoahs of millenia past, sinful yet powerful men find ways to circumvent God's Law within our allegedly Christian culture. These men of sin form pagan, borderline devil worshipping cults which fall under the umbrella of a thing called Illuminati, thus the illuminati spirit world sintered off from the economic reform site.

Within the same fold of lies and deceit, poison is meant to weaken the mind and flesh. We must deal with the fact that these men (and women) of sin are also men of power and influence. Sinners with power and influence like to spread poison including lies and deceit. The ignominious results of sinners are recorded at Poison Consumer Reports which has regular updates on the most insidiously ubiquitous poisons.

Other than the sites which point out the evil doings of these people revealed in Psalm 73, there is also the message of hope. Within each of Us, God has provided amazing gifts of power. We can recognize this power through the regular practice of Cleansing the Soul. I provide some personal insights into the Word of God to help my readers gain a more powerful perspective than the watered down messages you may be receiving on sundays.

The empowering themes continue from my own practice of physical and spiritual health. I call upon the expertise of experienced counselors as well as my own experience in eastern philosophy and martial arts meditation to help you with your own journey towards self improvement.

I have to admit, up front, that many people have been confused by the Sexual Health site. The theme of this site is taoist sexology; this is not the religion. Westerners are very easily confused between taoist religion and philosophy/science. True, the taoist philosophy has a different perspective of God, but there are Christians who study taoist philosophy among other philosophies as a means of adding to their academic repetoire - not their spiritual guidance; I am among those Christians. (The taoist religion is like the snake-handlers religion: They both took a passage out of context from their respective scriptures and formed a religion around it. But let's be fair. They are like most people: They only use that part which is convenient for them.) Taoist Sexology is based upon scientific study of human sexuality which corresponds to western studies, but with the focus of increasing sexual health as opposed to merely increasing pleasure.

The focus of the Arcane Energy Science Fair is to educate people about the alternate energy sciences which have suffered wholesale neglect in the mainstream. Of course, you are probably familiar with clean energy systems based on sun, wind, and water power. The Arcane Energy Science Fair gets a little more into the esoteric concepts of deriving "energy from the vaccuum" within the changing quantum states of atoms - AND - from the mass free, transducing universal ether of which mainstream science denys the existence. Strangely enough, all science is based on this fluctuating, universal ether: 'All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.' [Matthew 28:18]. Since all power is given unto us by The Lord, let's use it. In fact, here's one interesting study on Revelation 13 and it's corresponding references to cold fusion.

Arcane Energy Science Fair sintered off from Strange Science Fair which reveals the more spiritual concepts of hyperdimensional existence as a lesser known facet of human nature which is provided by God. I had such an amazing collection of theses at Strange Science Fair that I further sintered off the biophysics related papers and put them at Health Shopper. I figured that I could more easily maintain these strange articles at their respective themes.

One theme that certainly deserves our respect is the subject of Wildlife Conservation. In my humble opinion, any Good Christian has altruistic feelings towards protecting the untamed lands and God's Creatures. Remember in Genesis chapter 1; that when God created all the creatures of the land and sea, He saw that it was good. When we respect God's Creation, we respect HIM. When we love God's Creation, we love HIM. What have you done for God's Creation lately?

As an adjunct, a great many health issues have evolved into a "sister" version of Spirit World at Health Shopper. Health Shopper maintains relevant links with her "brother's" controversial subjects concerning our health.

I hope that helps you get a better grasp of "Spirit World" as a Christian themed website based on our spiritual reality. Thanks and peace be with you.


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