Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Iraq Fiasco can only get worse...

Tonight, President Bush will announce his most recklessly arrogant action of his recklessly arrogant presidency -- sending more of our troops into the Iraq civil war. In doing so, he'll defy the counsel of military experts on the ground and thumb his nose at the 61 percent of the American public that opposes an escalation of the conflict.

It's time for all Americans to collectively and emphatically tell the President, NO!

Our friends and allies in the Win Without War Coalition and are organizing civic actions across the country --a grassroots surge against the Bush escalation -- 24 hours after the President's address tonight. You can sign up and learn more at, hosted by Win Without War member True Majority.

In November, the voters rose up demanding a change of course in Iraq, and a government that serves the people, not the special interests, at home. Campaign for America's Future is hard at work on the domestic front so the First 100 Hours agenda succeeds at home.

But the President's escalation is such a brazen disregard of the people's will, we felt compelled as progressives to join with our allies across the country to stand up for American security and democracy. Tomorrow at a press conference in Washington, we will help to launch the new Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition.

We need to set a new tone in Washington this new year: The will of the people must be done -- both at home and abroad!

This is a crucial moment in the history of American democracy. Do our elections matter? Are we a republic or a monarchy? Will our system of checks and balances ensure that the public dictates our policies, not an unaccountable sovereign?

In November, the people sought to correct our nation's course at the ballot box. Because the President's refuses to listen, our only recourse is to get louder -- in our streets, our town squares and our houses of worship.

Please join our friends at Win Without War at, and join the Nationwide "Surge" of Protest.


President Bush is expected to give his "new direction in Iraq" speech tonight, Wednesday, January 10th. News reports have already confirmed that Mr. Bush is going to reject all reason, logic and sound advice, as well as the wishes of the American people, and propose sending even more troops to Iraq. It is preposterous, but that is exactly what he is going to say, according to all sources: send 20,000 to 30,000 more troops.

We urge you to join us in saying NO! to this insane plan to sacrifice even more American troops - and more Iraqis - in an unjust, immoral and unwinnable military occupation.

There are three ways you can participate in this critical effort:

1) Join or organize a simple "Americans Say NO!" demonstration in your community - several hundred are already being organized (details immediately below).
2) Contact your members of Congress: tell them that you absolutely oppose an escalation of the war in Iraq, and that they need to do more than simply pass non-binding resolutions - they need to stop it. Click here to send them a quick email message.
3) Join us for the massive "Mandate for Peace" National March and Lobby Days here in Washington, D.C. January 27-29.

A few members of Congress are talking about how they might prevent Bush's proposed escalation, but they need to hear a tremendous push from the peace movement and the American public saying NO! to this delusional idea. You can help out in any or all of the following ways:

1) The "Americans Say NO!" demonstrations across the country are being coordinated by Win Without War and True Majority, with the support of Peace Action Education Fund, and our hope is to get as many people as possible across the country presenting a graphic image of our opposition to any escalation. The plan is simple, and the events are easy to host (if there is not one already happening in your area): groups will converge in their local communities on the evening after the President's speech with some ready-made signs carrying the "NO!" message. You can read out the names of the servicemembers from your state who have died in Iraq, or simply hold a silent candlelight vigil. Tell the press, and be sure to take a digital photo of your event to add to the online collection.

To find an "American's Say NO!" event in your area, or to sign up to host one (and find simple instructions), please click here.

2) Some members of Congress already understand the mandate for peace that was delivered in last November's election, but many still don't - and even some that do are still too timid to act on it by opposing the President. Remind them just how strongly you feel about this - click here to send your members of Congress a strongly-worded message denouncing any escalation of the war in Iraq, and telling them that they need to do more than simply pass non-binding resolutions against it.

3) What was already going to be a large rally in January could become truly huge if Mr. Bush tries to push his "surge" plan through. Just as it is critical for us to do the demos and send email messages to our members, it is critical to have the largest possible turnout for the Mandate for Peace National March and Lobby Days on January 27-29. Click here to find out more about it. (You can also contact local Peace Action chapters to find out their plans for the march; click here to find the chapter nearest you.)

This is a remarkably important moment. We won a significant victory to end the war with the election this past fall - now we must follow up on that victory to ensure that the Bush Administration cannot ignore it. Thank you for contacting your member of Congress, joining an "Americans Say NO!" event, and coming to the national march and lobby days on January 27-29.

So it came to pass, when all the men of war were consumed and dead from among the people, [Deuteronomy 2:16]

[1] "Kennedy: 'George Bush's Vietnam'", Kate Phillips, The Caucus - Political Blogging from the New York Times, January 9th, 2007,

[2] "President Bush Pleased to Accept Recommendations from Secretary Gates for General Petraeus and Admiral Fallon", White House Press Release, January 5th, 2007,

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