Monday, March 12, 2007


Excerpt on the Present State of Iraq

The average American cannot comprehend the disaster which has overwhelmed the average citizen of Baghdad. This next news story illustrates the unbelievable stress which this genocidal war has forced on the citizens of Baghdad.

NEWS BRIEF: "Marked for death: where tattoos are a barcode on lost relatives", by Ned Parker and Saad Abdul Wahab, Times Online, March 10, 2007

"Tattoos, once the domain of the low-life criminals, hard drinkers and gamblers of Baghdad, now serve a practical purpose for ordinary Iraqis. Middle-class men are getting tattoos to spare their families the misery of visiting morgues and police stations in vain for loved ones abducted by death squads or killed in a bombing. They believe that the markings will act as a human bar-code and help their families to identify them. At least 200 unclaimed bodies are buried every week in Iraq."

Can you believe this kind of practical macabre thinking and planning? So many people are being killed every week in Baghdad that at least 200 bodies cannot be identified. Therefore, people are turning to tattoos as a means by which a loved one can identify their dead body!

These people have lost so much hope that they expect to be murdered soon!

Can you know understand how it can be true that the average citizen throughout Iraq are now wishing that the old "repressive" regime of Saddam Hussein could come back?

Cutting Edge has long taught that, in these most deceptive days, you must look to the opposite end of the public rhetoric to discover the truth. Nowhere is this principle more appropriate than this Iraqi War! Please consider:

1) President Bush says that he ordered the invasion of Iraq to "liberate" the people and bring peace.

The reality is that this invasion has thrust the citizens of Iraq into an oppression of all-out civil war and wanton murder. The only "peace" these poor citizens know now is the "peace of the grave".

2) President Bush said that he ordered the invasion of Iraq so that Saddam could not use his WMD against his neighboring countries.

The reality is that Bush was deliberately lying. Saddam had abandoned his WMD program shortly after the 1991 Gulf War.

3) President Bush said that he only wants force "democracy" upon Iraq -- whether they want it or not!

The reality is that Bush has forced a Depleted Uranium genocide upon all of Iraq and surrounding countries at least 1,000 miles away from the battlefields. Within 20 more years, Iraq and Afghanistan will be unlivable, with the vast majority of its citizens dead or dying.

We can only read this news article and weep.

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