Monday, March 12, 2007


Help Protect Giant Sequoias

Save the Giant Sequoia National Monument from bulldozers

Take Action!

Giant Sequoia National Monument is home to more than half the giant sequoias in existence and also provides essential habitat for the California spotted owl, Pacific fisher and other plants and animals

Tell US Forest Service Chief Kimbell to extend permanent protections to these trees!

How do you protect precious Giant Sequoias from forest fire? According to this administration, you open the area up to logging!

Tell the Forest Service to extend permanent protection from logging to Giant Sequoia National Monument!>>

Masquerading as a necessary measure to protect the forests and surrounding homes from wildfires, the proposed plan would open our precious ancient Sequoia groves to chainsaws and bulldozers. In fact, it would very likely increase the chances of fires because logging large fire-resistant trees leaves behind only smaller, more combustible trees and highly-flammable dead limbs, branches, brush and needles.

This plan has been rebuked by the federal courts, but the Bush Administration is refusing to back off trying to log this irreplaceable ancient forest. More than half of the remaining groves - located in Giant Sequoia National Monument - are in jeopardy.

By contrast, neighboring Sequoia National Park's innovative conservation and fire prevention strategies have reinvigorated the Giant Sequoia groves there and made nearby communities safer while helping avoid harmful logging.

Please sign our petition to US Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell urging her to extend permanent protections to these imperiled trees!

Thank you,

Emily L.
Care2 and

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