Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Help Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes!

Help Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes!

When you file your taxes this year, a new check-off box will allow you to give a tax-deductible gift to protect our sea otters. Spread the news by pledging to donate at least $1 to save the sea otter!

Help sea otters today!

As a Californian, you probably know that sea otters face some real threats: pollution, oil spills and habitat degradation, to name a few. What's worse, increasing numbers of sea otters are dying from disease and parasites.

Luckily, thanks to incredible efforts by many of you, we persuaded Gov. Schwarzenegger to pass a bill last year that will help protect our sea otters. Among several things, the bill created a tax check-off for sea otters, but we only have until tax day to get the word out!

Sign this pledge to donate at least $1 tax-deductible dollar to save sea otters when you file your taxes.

Tax-deductible donations generated by this check-off will be used to support the California Sea Otter Fund to reduce sea otter deaths and improve research on these playful marine mammals.

However, to ensure that the Sea Otter Fund remains on the California tax form in the future, California taxpayers must donate at least $250,000 through this tax check off this year.

We don't have much time to get the word out! If we can't convince enough Californians to participate, our sea otters will lose out on vital funding for their protection!

Sign this pledge to include the CA Sea Otter Fund in your tax return this year. You can donate and write off any amount - even $1. A small contribution from every Californian will go a long way!

Thanks for helping today,

Hilary Stamper
Care2 and

P.S. We're making great progress protecting the sea otter and this tax check-off is a huge step! This past year, we helped pass sea otter protection legislation that boosts state research funding and an historic bill that protects vast stretches of California's unique coasts. Pledge to keep the momentum going, and if you've already sent in your taxes, please forward this message to your friends in California so they know how they can help:

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