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Why is there a physical reality?

If spiritual reality is the true reality, then why did God create physical reality? Allow me to borrow a concept from Judaic studies to find if this makes sense: God created the universe to bestow good to His creation (I say His. She says Her. Noone is wrong), but this good is purely spiritual. This being true, what need is there for a physical world? Before we can answer this question, we must first ask another, “What is the difference between the material and the spiritual?”

We speak of the material and the spiritual as two different concepts. We know that the spiritual is not material, but what exactly is the difference?

The main difference between the physical and the spiritual involves space. Physical space only exists in the physical world. In the spiritual, there is no space as we know it (just as there is neither linear causality nor passage of time as we know it).

Although concepts of distance and closeness exist in the spiritual realm, they do not have the same meaning in the physical world. In a spiritual sense, closeness involves resemblence. Two things (or people) that resemble each other are said to be spiritually close. Two things that differ are far apart in a spiritual sense.

This has very important implications. In the spiritual world, it is utterly impossible to bring two opposites together. Because they are opposite, they are by definition, poles apart.

For example, God and man are worlds apart, "as the heavens are higher than the earth." On a purely spiritual plane, it would be totally impossible for the two ever to be brought together. It was for this reason that God created the concept of space. Spiritual things can be bound to the material. For example, the soul is bound to the body.

Two opposites can then be brought together by being bound to physical objects. In the physical world, space exists, and two opposites can literally be pushed together. Furthermore, two spiritual opposites can even be bound to the same material object.

For instance, man has both an urge for good or evil. In a spiritual sense, these are poles apart. Without a spiritual world, they could never be brought together in a single entity.

The archetype of a spiritual being is an angel. Since an angel has no body, it can never contain both good and evil in its being.

It is only in a physical being that both good and evil can exist together. Although they are at opposite poles, spiritually, they can come together in the physical being. One reason God created humans in a physical world was to allow them to have full freedom of choice with good and evil as part of his makeup. without a physical world, these two concepts could never exist in the same being.

The fact that good and evil can exist in the same physical space also allows good to overcome evil in this world; this is only possible in a physical world. In a purely spiritual arena, good could never come close enough to evil to have any influence over it. In the physical world, however, good and evil can exist together, and good can therefore overcome evil.

Our sages teach us that one of the main reasons why people were placed in the physical world was to overcome evil.

Perhaps, you have read one of my recent articles at the bioresonant science blogspot,"Psychotronics Hypnosis Project Release." The information you read here is crucial to understanding how and why the mind works.

The mind is a pure spiritual entity, bound to our physical brains. Many thoughts and memories may be bound together by a person's physical brains, but the mind can only focus on one of them at a time. In simple terms, a person can only think of one thing at a time. [Even a multiple mentality can only fulfill a simultaneous set of functions rather than an out of phase set at any particular moment.]

A thought is a spiritual entity unto itself and, as such, can only contain a single concept. Thoughts, like angels, are basic spiritual entities; like angels a thought can only have a single mission.

In the physical world, we can learn things through our five senses. We can hear, feel, smell and taste. [Extra sensory perception is a spiritual sense.] Our knowledge of things comes from our physical proximity to them. In the spiritual worlds, however, this does not exist. The only way that one can learn about a thing is to come into spiritual proximity with it. A spiritual entity like an angel cannot do this outside of his own realm.

Physical beings, therefore, have an advantage over angels. The very fact that we exist in this lower world enables us to reach up even higher. Think about it.

There are concepts of good decreed by God; as His Decrees, they are intimately bound to Him. When we physically involve ourselves with these good concepts, we literally bind ourselves to God. We achieve a closeness that no angle could ever hope to reach.

This is a major difference between physical humans and angels. An angel is assigned to one spiritual station and has no way to rise any higher. When the prophet speaks of angels, he says, "Around Him, the seraphim stood" [Isaiah 6:2] Angels are described as standing and stationary.

But when God speaks to physical people, He tells them, "If you walk in My Ways... then I will give you a place to move among those who stand here." [Zechariah 3:7] God was showing the prophet a vision of stationary angels and telling him that he would be able to move among them.

We can move from level to level, but angels are bound to their particular plane.

There are many levels in the spiritual world. If only the spiritual existed, there would be no way for these levels to come together. The only thing that could possibly unify these levels is the physical world.

In order to reach the highest levels of holiness, humans must become part of the physical world. When we obey God's commandments, we attach ourselves to the same physical objects as the One Who gave the commandments. In obeying these commandments, We attach ourselves to God in the highest degree.

We are thus able to scale the highest spiritual heights.

{extracts from Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Creation by Aryeh Kaplan}

I'm leaving it there for now. Thank you very much for your time. I hope that I've been helpful.

Just to be sure, you should know that I'm not dressing down the angels in an sense. I find them quite helpful. They have already told me that I don't need them, but I still find them helpful and I'm very thankful for them. I'm writing this especially for the ones looking over my shoulder at this moment.

Let me ask you something before I end this. You know that commandment, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife? Is it OK if he's not my neighbor? Just wondering. I mean if I plan on completely taking her, body and soul, I'm not really coveting. Am I? And I desire her righteously the way I see it.

That's a pat on the back from an angel. Not sure what that means exactly.

Thanks for your time,


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