Saturday, August 04, 2007


HealingMindN Meditation

Achieve Nirvana in 10 minutes:

I remember when I was a child I would watch a certain clock. I would just sit there and watch it. This was an analog clock, but it was a fancy analog clock for its time. It had light up digits and a starburst pattern that constantly turned. It would change constantly in this repeating pattern.

Have you ever turned polarised filters in front of each other to create different moiré patterns? It was kind of like that. Constantly Changing and Moving, yet repeating, again and again.

You're not familiar with that? Ok. You ever stare into the sea or just a lake and watch the constantly repeating patterns as the wind blew over it, ever changing, ever moving. Or what about the clouds in the sky? Have you every relaxed and just watched them flowing and changing in never ending patterns?

Fractals in nature are like the fractals in our own minds. We seek those patterns in nature that give us the most peace and serenity and inspire our minds to further enlightenment and revelations. We look for fractals in art galleries and museums to match the fractals in our own minds - I consider this video a work of art and science.

We listen to music which matches our thought patterns (which happens to be a fourier transformation of fractals based in the golden ratio as a holographic integral of robust patterns). I'm using Immrama by Stellamara in the background, a very bewitching song rich with robust fractals, excellent for meditation.

The same patterns which exist in nature also exists in our own minds. There are certain patterns in nature which are there to heal us - through our minds. Therefore, I have produced a video with the intention to heal your mind and induce the necessary trance to accept the Law of Attraction.

I discuss the Law of Attraction further based on a book by Genevieve Behrend at We are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. This video is meant to invoke the necessary balance towards our spirituality.

Since this video is on the web, you will not receive the full resolution or full effect of spatial orientations such as binaural beats to activate certain brain frequencies. I'm hoping that you do get something out of it in it's less potent web form.

I am arranging for producing this to a DVD and handing it out, so everyone gets the full effect of the HealingMindN Meditation.

Remember to use only your abdominal muscles when you are told to hold your breath. Please don't use your throat or you might break a blood vessel.

Other than that, please enjoy. This video is safe for everyone (unless you're evil or an atheist).

Most of the background was filmed at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, California.

I thank God and I thank Louise for helping me make this video. Thanks for your time.


Relaxing your jaw releases pressure from the 5th cranial nerve which helps to induce relaxation. Focusing certain color in certain parts of the body while maintaining the feeling of "breathing" through the respective part activates the chakrum in that area.

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