Saturday, September 22, 2007


Happy Cows? Not in California...

Care2 Action Alert: Speak out against animal cruelty at Mendes Calf Ranch!

Unfortunately, I have seen these corporate run dairies for myself. They are completely lacking in spirituality. God gave us our livestock. Does this mean we are allowed to be cruel to our livestock? They are also God's Creation and deserve to be treated as such - with love and respect.

Please help love and respect God's Creation by responding to this action alert. Thanks - RD

Did you know the dairy products you buy could be associated with baby calves being taken from their mothers just hours after birth and shipped away to live in cramped, filthy crates with barely enough room to move?

This shocking scenario is a sad reality for the young calves at Mendes Calf Ranch in Tipton, California. Take Action >>

The calves live by themselves in crates so small they can’t even turn around or lie down naturally. They have to contort their bodies simply to move around in the small space, which is often covered with their own excrement.

This confinement violates animal cruelty laws! Sign the petition to Free Baby Mendes – and the up to 12,000 other calves that Mendes confines every day of the year.

Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy are two of the major dairy producers who use milk from calves who were confined at Mendes Calf Ranch.

Let dairy corporations Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy know that these practices are unnecessary — and unacceptable!

Thank you for alerting Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy about what's going on at Mendes Calf Ranch — and telling them consumers won’t tolerate this animal cruelty!

From Care2 Sincerely,
Breeana L.
Care2 Campaign Team

P.S. Remember what I mentioned about animal abusers being one step away from being Child Abusers? If it means meeting their bottom line, spiritless, Godless corporations stop at nothing. (Unfortunately, they are beyond the law in a fascist society.)

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