Thursday, May 15, 2008


Personalized Brainwave Implant Meditation (sample)

HealingMindN Personalized Videos are the only system which transforms your personal desire for self-improvement into a radionic message. This radionic message is modulated upon brainwave entrainment neural patterns to resonate with your personal self improvement goal...

These integrated functions induce psychotronic brainwave entrainment without additional hardware or any special training or ability of the user. Your personalised Brainwave Implant can only be found through HealingMindN!..

HealingMindN Videos combine proven technologies for brainwave entrainment with an extra twist: HealingMindN Personalised Videos implant your personal wish for success upon your brainwaves after several sessions. As a result, your mind is psionically tuned to your desires. Please see this example of how your session might look and feel (full effects are pared down for web publishing).

More info at under Personalized Brainwave Implant Meditation DVD.

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