Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A Few Days Remain for the Huge RV/RI Course Discount

Gerald O'Donnell thinks like me; he advocates spiritual growth through mental discipline to increase your psychic powers. This is also the reason he gives everyone a huge US$100, end of year discount on his remote viewing / remote influencing courses.

This Discount ends on 15 January 2010. Start your New Year Right by remote viewing / remote influencing your reality. There are opportunities in your life worth at least 1000 times the cost of this course, but you never know they exist without remote viewing them...

Learn RV and RI listening and learning from only one CD a day. In the next few months, you learn not only how to find those opportunities, but how to create them. Time to go forward in your life and help your loved ones at the same time: http://bit.ly/2009RVDiscount

Healing Thoughts, Happy New Year,


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