Saturday, April 30, 2011


World Tai Chi QiGong Day = World Healing Day = World Peace

Today is the day that the world gives back to you, the discipline which you put into yourself.

The last day of April, today, is World Tai Chi QiGong Day. Statistically, on this day, every year, there has been greater world peace. Look around you and listen. People every where argue less. There are less tragedies in the world. More agreements. More Abundance.

Allow me to prove to you that, today, 30 April, we are also experiencing the Maharishi Effect which I have been pushing at HealingMindN for a while now:

From World Healing Day:
World Healing Day! Why?

The Global Consciousness Project, born out of research at Princeton University,
found that during times of great tragedy human consciousness focused to such a
degree that it physically affected their computers all around the world. While other research found that when a small percentage of human beings harmonized their consciousness, they positively affected the behaviour of the community around them.

What if human consciousness was focused on a healing intention, together, for a 24 hour period? World Yoga Day, World Prayer Day, Word Healing Meditation Day…

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