Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Origins of Artificial Weather & Disease + Full Spectrum Photography Detection

Precursor engineering is a fore runner of the recently disputed subject of epigenetics, how mechanisms of the cell membrane operate in response to environmental signals picked up by the membrane’s receptors.

Epigenetics allows us to include strong emotions of a subject as an environmental signal to influence the shape of their DNA as discussed at Collective DNA Consciousness. Precursor engineering takes this premise a quantum leap further by employing energetics technology or scalar interferometry to produce environmental signals. In turn, these energetic signals change our cellular environments.

I have already referred to scalar field experiments, Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy and Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Role in the Natural Healing Process in previous posts. Today, we look at applications on a geophysical scale for purposes other than healing.

None of this is acknowledged in mainstream science or medicine, BUT please ask the applied physics professors at your local universities; you will learn the potential of scalar weapons, if they’re willing to talk about it with you.

Let’s examine this premise using a few references I collected over the years which discuss precursor engineering in disease and weather control. Discover how you can use your digital camera to reveal evidence of precursor engineering in your area. Is’nt that fun?

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