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Yes, I'm a Born Again Christian

Born Again Christians are a special variation of society. Granted, we all have our bouts with sin, but as I mention in the article, sin becomes the exception, not the rule.

Yes, I am a Born Again Christian, but there's far more in being born again than what I mention in the attached article (click the title above). You will notice a statement towards the bottom to the effect, "you will have a special relationship with God..." It just so happens that God communicates with ALL of us. We, who are Born Again, understand this communication from Elohim (God) according to our mind patterns, our strengths, our weaknesses, our way of life. In essence, we have our individual understanding because of the way Elohim created us.

I will refer to God as "Yehovah" from now on; so there is no mistake about mixing up the one and only true God with any pagan gods out there, let's refer to Our Lord on a first name basis, Yehovah. You may say "Jehovah" if you prefer. (You have divine permission ; ).

I accept Jesus Christ as my person Lord and Saviour. As a result of this I recognise, understand , and follow messages from the Lord. I'm here now telling you this because the Lord insists that I should tell everyone what I'm about. Anyone who is born again will tell you that this is the way it is with them as well.

What does it feel like? What changes in my life? I can only offer individual perspective. As I said, the experience is individual. I can offer my perspective from what I have observed through the years that keeps others from also being born again: We are victims of circumstance since childhood. Certain emotional securities that are NOT spiritually oriented are bred into us throughout our lives by the surrounding culture.

You will find that I dish out a lot of negative feedback against sinful, backwards, cretinistic people at This is because these sinful people are holding most of us back, either directly or indirectly, from experiencing our spirituality, from our becoming Born Again.

There are culturally oriented emotional securities that actually deaden our senses to the aliveness and passion in the universe. Certain emotional securities deaden our receptivity to the out stretched hand of Yehovah. When I hear atheists or worse ranting and raving how crazy I am I can't help but respond by saying, "How dead are you to Our Living Universe?" If I may borrow a term from Wilhelm Reich (circa 1950's), these people are emotional deserts.

I have to take mystics into consideration for a moment. There are certain paranormal experts who claim to be "channels" for disembodied spirits. They allow themselves to become "possessed" by disembodied spirits. Any born again person can tell you that this is a dangerous thing. In fact, if we all release those emotional securities that deaden our senses to reality, then we would all be able to sense "spirits." There is a distinct difference between allowing the pure, perfect spirit of Yehovah to come into you and the tainted spirited of something else to come into you.

Keep in mind that we are all sentient, individual aspects of the One Mind of God. Remember that we are all spiritual beings attached to physical bodies. Please also remember from another article "Why is there a physical reality?" that spiritual beings are intimately attached to their physical bodies in this physical reality for a reason: So we can experience good and evil within the same person, thereby knowing the difference between them. Purely spiritual beings like angels can't do that. As opposed to Our Creator, a purely spiritual being can have only one purpose: Either complete good or complete evil.

There are genuine mystic "channels" out there who do not understand that they are sensitive to the aliveness in this universe for a reason: They were meant to be born again so they can truly experience The Lord and share the Holy Ideas with the people. Instead, there are those who choose to play pawns within a mystical culture, thereby opening themselves and everyone around them to evil; these sensitive mystics or psychics have chosen to leave themselves open to anything; this is dangerous.

Since disembodied good spirits usually choose transcendence and transmutation out of goodness - leaving behind evil in the process, guess what's left to play with the mystics?

Unfortunately, a number of people with psychic gifts are driven away from the idea of being born again because they are afraid of being labeled as "weirdos" by a decadent society. The old saying is true then, "to go with God is to go against..."

I would have to say that becoming born again is a long, back breaking, tedious process. It's like precipitating your own manna from sea water; it's a back breaking process, but once you're there, it's amazing. You see, it's more heart knowledge than head knowledge. I might be losing some of you, so I'll try to approach this from general perspective first.

Do you remember that point in your life when you made an important life decision about what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? Maybe you were younger, an adolescent, a teenage? Maybe you found yourself doing the same old drudgery for years at school, then an opportunity presented itself. You see other people doing these things that are exciting and mystifying. You find yourself in this exhilirating place where you know absolutely, positively that this is what you should be doing.

Maybe your intuitive intuition was speaking to you like a little voice from inside; maybe it was yelling at you "this is what you should be doing!" Then when you do, you do it with an amazing gusto - like a Born Again Christian.

That's heart knowledge.

I believe you know what head knowledge is already, but head knowledge is what will get you to the point where your heart knowledge kicks in. I believe that you know what I'm talking about. Now, we have to understand the spiritual laws of the universe. To do that we have to understand some physical laws too because the spiritual is intimately attached to the physical.

When we allow our innate sensitivities to the universe to help us, you might be surprised how the spiritual and the physical work together in syncopation. In the same way music is to the instrument, we have to realise there's a lot happening in that musician that most people tend to miss. There's almost a distortion of time in the musician because there are so many functions happening all at once.

In the same way we have revelations when we make important life decisions and in the same capacity that we process information with ambidextrous functionality from intense study and training, a Born Again Christian experiences all of that, but like a bolt of lightning. It's a wake up call. In my case, I'd call it a quantum leap.

I took around fifteen years to "wake up." I made a conscious decision to become Born Again around 1992. (I'm a late bloomer - what can I say?) I believe that I would have done it sooner without the hinderences - same as everyone else.

What were my biggest hinderences? The masses I attended since kindergarten convinced me and, I assume, everyone else in church that we are born as a gutter-trash, flesh-driven sinners and that we all must repent to get into heaven. Since then I have learned that we should always be careful with the information we present to developmentally cognitive sensitivities of small children.

We have to remember that the Holy Bible was written from a spiritual perspective. We are "born with sin" does not mean that we are evil. The physical bodies created for our sentient spiritual beings allow us the ability to contain good and evil in the same place. All of physical reality is sinful from this spiritual perspective. This means that we have the ability to choose a good or evil path. We have the ability to choose between being greedy, gutter-trash, flesh driven sinners or good, altruistic people.

If the priests had taken time to explain this simple concept, then I would have been better. The whole neighborhood, in fact the whole city and everyone else in the congregation would have been vastly improved. I was taught to believe that my passions were sinful - that I must avoid earthly desires.

The worst part: No one in this church taught me what Jesus said on how to be born again; no priest, no nun, no catechism teacher, no mention of being born again whatsoever. All I was taught was that I was a gutter-trash, flesh-driven sinner that better repent before it's too late. Can you imagine delivering that message to legions of impressionable grade school kids? That was the culture.

It also didn't help that I had suffered from slow poisoning from mercury amalgam fillings for over thirty years. (I'm sensitive to poisons; they tend to deaden my feelings.) It also didn't help when I got chicken pox in the early 1980's; this seemed to compound the effect of the mercury poisoning. I still have holes in my memory. There are people from my high school and middle school days who remember me, but I can't remember them.

Fortunately, my neural pathways have adapted since then. I ask forgiveness of those who I had forgotten - especially one, Louise, please forgive me.

I would go as far as saying that becoming Born Again re-aligns neural pathways to the original mind-pattern. The original mind-pattern is like a clean slate; there are no emotional insecurities, no hangups. The passion that I was taught to ignore for decades has returned. Becoming Born Again is almost like all the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in one massive shot.

Now, I can recognise patterns in nature in the same way that certain investors can recognise patterns in the stock market. Of course, people trained in life sciences can do that, but it goes a little deeper. As a born again Christian I see sychronicity whereas an emotional desert cannot.

A few days before I wrote this I received a question from another researcher. Here's his question: "Dear Randolph, I have a totally different take on Deja Vu but here is a guy whom I respect that might have input worth noting?"

response is directly related to the reason I am writing this: Sychronicity. This is how Yehovah works in our lives. He brings us together in certain ways, so we can fill in each other's "missing pieces:"

Hello ,

I appreciate your inviting me into the inner sanctums of your thought experiment. Please excuse my belated reply. I decided to sleep on it to provide the freshest response I can muster.

First off, we should agree upon the meaning of Deja Vous. I assume that it's a "been there, done that, known this person" kind of feeling for you as well.

I imagine that you might like a Judeo-Christian perspective with smatterings of science because that's the kind of guy I am. From what I observed on your latest video on Noah's Ark (excellent BTW), I assume that you are in the same fold. So here goes.

I believe it's interesting that we should happen to use the French reference, Deja Vous, for a rather spiritual feeling. As you might know, our word language is a reflection of our DNA patterns. Our DNA patterns are a reflection of our mind patterns. It so happens that the French cling to certain ancient ideas through their language - especially concerning spirituality. L'esprit is one example: Mind and Spirit are the same. This idea is completely in line with Judeo-Christian perspective, so I continue from there.

The mind is the spiritual body intimately attached to the physical body. Let us assume that the spiritual body is just as important as the physical body - if not more so. The spiritual body must adhere to the laws of the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm as you can imagine, there are different laws of physics such as space and time.

We can have great distance between physical bodies, yet we can still have spiritual closeness, when two or more minds resemble each other. Whereas, physical bodies can be close, yet, if the attached minds do not resemble each other, then they are spiritually far apart.

We can compare this idea to the way we react to anything in nature: If it resembles us, then we are attracted to it. We are attracted to certain people, places, and things because they resemble different facets of ourselves that appeal to us.

We can look at a tree. Trees have a calming effect on most people. In fact, let me borrow from an article I happened to be reading at Elliott Wave:

Psychologists have always recommended gazing at trees if one wants to calm down. Well, now we know why: Trees are arguably nature’s most abundant fractally-patterned objects, and simply looking at them “can cut our stress levels up to 60%.” (Associated Press)

Let me make a bold statement: We are attracted to patterns in nature that resemble facets within our own mind patterns. As you see from the (Elliott Wave) article, fractals (patterns) repeat after a certain point. The fractals within our own mind patterns are repeated throughout physical reality after a certain point. This repetition is based on the golden section (as you can see according to the Elliott Wave model which is based upon the Fibonacci series).

Traveling this world, and no doubt other worlds and other peoples, we would encounter similarities at certain places and certain times because of this repetition in nature. We would have that feeling of "Deja Vous" because that certain pattern, that certain set of harmonics, those fractals, to which we spiritually acknowledge and resemble, have repeated themselves throughout the space time continuum.

The reason we have synchronicity is because of this fractal repetition in both physical and spiritual worlds. We communicate to fill in those "missing" pieces of knowledge in order to fulfill that repetition. I hope that I have provided what may have been that "missing" piece concerning Deja Vous.

BTW, I noticed your mentioning that you do not believe in infinite realities. Each one of us is like a wrinkle in the space time continuum. People alter and affect each other's reality, especially when they are spiritually close. Neural pathways are always adjusting themselves to compensate for different realities when these effects occur. (Of course, some neural pathways are difficult to change.) In that sense, there are infinite alternate realities according to the way we interact with other "wrinkles in time." Those "wrinkles in time" are destined to repeat themselves, throughout time.



In addition, allow me to add this piece of esoterica: The Mind is like time is like the Mind. Because of their colloquelisms the French have a different way of saying this: "L'esprit a lieu comme le temps est comme l'esprit," The spirit takes place as time is like the spirit. '

The spirit shapes itself to reality. In turn, reality shapes itself to the spirit. The spirit is central to all we do and who we are. The reality of good in this physical world is to conquer evil, so we can climb higher, be the best humans we can be, and make those quantum leaps.

Thanks for your time.

Peace and Good Will,


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